Material trading an fencing constructions


“Apostoledes Fences” established in 1967 by S.Panayiotis Apostoledes. The company is located in Thessaloniki and is specialised in fence costructions, in fence materials trading and also in steelworks.

The company owns expertised fence workshops, resuming the installation or shipping materials all over Greece and abroad. Indicative examples:

  • Materials trading and fencing constructions
  • Fences rental in factories, buildings, concerts e.t.c.
  • Underwater fences.
  • Wire constructions – court fencing.
  • Photovoltaic fences
  • Door and plate trading.
  • Metallic constructions.

Our experience in fencing, establish the company with validity, prestige, consistency and professionalism needed, in order to ensure the best quality services yet the most advantageous prices.

The immediate and fast servicing is a basic condition for the company, yet our customers in Greece trust our knowledge.

Wholesale or Retail services.

Our address is: 5th km km Thessaloniki / Kavala national road, tel.: 2310 682974, 2310 682379, fax: 2310 681296, email: fencegr@yahoo.gr Driving directions: Wether you drive from east or from west Thessaloniki using the internal (or old) ring road, just follow the signs to the cities of Kavala or Serres or Klkis, which drive you to the Egnatia National Road. As soon as you reach Egnatia road, follow the signs to “Oreokastro”, turn right to the side road (just exactly in a gas station named Shell) having the city of Thessaloniki on your back. Drive on the side road until you see the “Περιφράξεις Αποστολιδης” sign on your right hand.